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How Mushrooms are Changing the World!

How Mushrooms are Changing the World!

The news has been bursting at the seams recently with mushrooms! As a company with a strong belief in the power of mushrooms, we are so excited to see that the incredible world of fungus is making the headlines. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting ways that mushrooms are changing the world.

Scientists are using mushrooms to clean up a river that is heavily polluted. The Spokane River is faced with a disheartening amount of pollution but researchers such as Heidi Montez are thinking outside of the box to solve this problem. While she won’t know until next spring if her experiment is working, Ms. Montez is confident that the mushrooms will absorb the chemicals that are seeping into the Spokane River. Her research gives residents hope for a clean and healthy future for the Spokane River.

We’ve been burying our dead the same way for decades, which has led to a variety of issues as our nation faces the challenges of overpopulation. This burial suit is lined with netting that contains mushroom spores. After you die, the spores sprout into mushrooms that consume your remains and enrich the soil. This may seem radical but the CDC reports that our bodies release dozens of toxins as we decompose, harming the soil and waters around burial grounds. The "Infinity Burial Suit" is just another way mushrooms are transforming the way we do things for the better.



Mushrooms are transforming the way we look at food, textiles, building materials medicine, packing materials and even biofuel. With so much potential, scientists are looking towards fungi to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Take a look at National Geographic’s detailed overview of the wonderful world of mushrooms!



Mushrooms are finally receiving the attention they deserve. As reishi supplements such as Mehdi Reish’s Extract Product ( are becoming more mainstream, we know the world of mushrooms will open up endless doors of positive possibilities for our health, our planet and our future!


The World of Edible Mushrooms

A Grocery Store in the Woods

Mushrooms are one of nature’s greatest and least understood gifts! Therefore, a lot of people tend to overlook wild mushrooms as just another fungus or weed. Even mushroom lovers view wild mushrooms with a level of skepticism different from what they see or buy in the supermarket. Luckily, with our increased knowledge and education, a little training and guidance on how to identify and harvest wild mushrooms, you can begin to harness the wonderful bounty of these amazing specimens! Our backyard can become your own personal produce aisle for delicious and seasonal mushrooms!


It is true that some mushrooms can be poisonous, just as some fruits or berries can also be toxic. Never eat a mushroom if you aren’t able to completely discern or know what type it is. Until you become a more experienced mushroom scavenger or have a mycologist guiding you, it’s best to double-check all your findings before eating them. Don’t worry — this won’t limit your haul! The tastiest mushrooms are actually the ones that look a little less like our preconceived notions of mushrooms.


Morel mushrooms grow out of the ground in damp, sunny, relatively cool places. They are easy to identify because of their tear-drop shaped, beehive caps. The deep, nutty flavor of morel mushrooms makes them one of the most prized edibles out there. Every spring, mushroom hunters eagerly await the delicious bounties of morel mushrooms.


Chanterelle mushrooms also grow out of the ground and are also easy to spot because of their golden, wavy caps. These mushrooms are fleshy and mild tasting and are great in just about anything — they even make great meat substitutes. These mushrooms are often found on the menu at elegant restaurants, making them a top choice for mushroom foragers.


Chicken of Woods, so named because of how abundant and tasty they are, grow likes orange shelves out of the sides of trees from late summer through early fall. The mild, delicious flavor of this mushroom is often compared to chicken, hence the name!


Reishi or Ganoderma mushrooms, are also found in North America! Often found on trees or decaying logs, reishi is known for its distinct color and wooden texture. You can often find them in shady areas where many different varieties of Ganoderma species are known to grow.


Wood Ear mushrooms also grow on trees but don’t immediately come off as something that would be tasty or edible. They look like brown jelly, but if you have the time and patience to dry these mushrooms, they are great additions to teas and broths.


Hen of the Woods mushrooms grow in the ground in the fall, and look like a tumbleweed of mushrooms, or a sitting hen. These mushrooms are bountiful and make a great stir-fry or mushroom taco.


Have a great hike, use education and awareness to enjoy your bountiful harvest!





Reishi: Your number #1 go-to Superfood!


Whether you have always been a natural health enthusiast or just recently got involved in the world of natural health products, you’ve probably heard of Reishi or Ganoderma. You may also have some questions about it! You know that Reishi is a mushroom, but why is it considered and revered as special? Why do people love taking Reishi mushrooms? More importantly, how does a person consume this natural superfood?

People in certain parts of the world have always known about the amazing power of these magnificent mushrooms. In fact, monks in ancient China even took them to help them meditate and to rejuvenate! Nowadays, people are starting to pay attention to ancient wisdom to improve their overall health, their meditation practices, and their energy levels. People love taking Reishi mushrooms because they are an all-natural way to supplement your body and improve vitality. They enable one to access inner peace, or improve your energy before taking a big hike without using harsh energy drinks filled with artificial chemicals, sweeteners, etc.  These can often be a detriment to the human body.

Mehdi Reishi agricultural methods mimics the way they grow in the wild, using natural wood logs as growing mediums. When using natural wood logs instead of an artificial substrate, the mushroom specimens are enhanced nutritionally! We also tend and cultivate our mushrooms by hand to ensure the highest potency and growing standards. Our products are all certified by the USDA National Organic Program. People love taking Reishi mushrooms for their positive benefits, but especially love taking Mehdi Reishi mushrooms for their superior purity and potency.

There are several different ways to take our organic products.

Our 100% pure Extract is perfect when added to your morning coffee or tea and can be taken regularly over a long duration of time. The extract product is used for general applications.

Our shell-broken Spores product has a smoother taste than the pure extract and has a high absorption rate. We crack our spores using exclusive patented technology that enables 99% sporoderm penetration while also maintaining the integrity of each spore. As such, the effects begin almost immediately and recommend for more specific applications.

Our Formula product is a combination of both the extract and the spores, and is the most versatile in terms of application. Depending on your needs and your reasons behind taking reishi, it can be consumed with almost any food or drink and is a truly effective way to transform your daily routine.





How can you improve your fitness, energy in the summer?

Reishi, Fitness and Summer

Summer is in full swing, and nature lovers are soaking up the sun and the plentiful opportunities to explore Mother Earth. However, nothing ruins a hike, jog, or swim quite like fatigue or mental fog. Many outdoorsman battle low energy with caffeine or a quick sugar-fix, but this can cause more problems. Caffeine artificially stimulates the central nervous system and the adrenals, giving you a temporary “fight-or-flight” response. But it can also drain the adrenal glands, cause withdrawal headaches, and the shakes. After it wears off, the person often experiences a noticeable drop in energy, which is the last thing you want to deal with when you are halfway through a hike or bike ride!


Reishi mushrooms offer a natural and more pleasant way to prepare your body for a hike or trek. This organically grown health food will boost your performance as you tackle your highest mountain, without giving you withdrawal symptoms or side effects common of sugar and caffeine. Reishi mushrooms have long been known to optimize bodily functions, and recently have been studied to increase sports-based performance activities. You’ll be optimizing your body and increasing your energy while also improving your overall sense of well-being.


In ancient China, Buddhist monks tended to and consumed Reishi mushrooms in order to calm and expand their minds. It helped with their meditative practices. Being in nature is a perfect time to relax your mind, release your anxiety and commune with a greater consciousness. Reishi mushrooms are a unique pre-workout ritual because they provide a physical boost as well as mental peace. Ditch the cup of coffee and sugar and get ready for your next big climb, run, or swim with this all-natural energy alternative! Mehdi Reishi products are conveniently packaged in easy-to-take sachets, so you can mix it in with your protein shakes, hydration drinks or water with ease! And remember, connecting with nature means more than being outdoors, it also means incorporating the most natural, highest quality foods and herbs into your diet whenever possible! Mehdi Reishi provides a standard of natural purity and potency unmatched in the market! Enjoy!!




Yoga, Meditation and Reishi Mushrooms

Yoga, Meditation and Reishi Mushrooms

Whether you have recently taken up meditation or you are an expert yogi, it is possible that you may find yourself looking to find your path to spiritual enlightenment. Reishi mushrooms could be the answer you’ve been looking for to elevate and boost your mindfulness! While it might seem incredible that a type of fungus could open up your spiritual pathways, it’s actually been a key tool in meditation since before the Common Era.

The traditional Chinese name for reishi mushrooms, lingzhi, literally means “miraculous sacred fungus.” Early Chinese esoteric magicians consumed the mushroom and were known to be keepers of its habitats. It was a mainstay of the Qing dynasty, with emperors and warriors partaking in the fungus to improve their ability and understanding.

Once consumed, folklore says reishi brings a sense of relaxation and peace to one’s body and mind and makes it more possible to meditate and access one’s spirituality. By relaxing and opening the mind and body, reishi is creating a more open channel for qi, or the Chinese term for “life force” and one of three essential elements for a healthy spiritual life in traditional Chinese medicine. Another one of these elements is called shen, and it represents the balanced combination of qi and jing, the third life force. As long as two millennia ago, Taoist monks referred to reishi as a “shen tonic” for its ability to supplement and support the human spirit.

In addition to improving meditation and spiritual enlightenment, reishi is also known to boost physical performance. Emperors took this mushroom to increase their vitality, and warriors consumed it before battle to supplement their strength on the battlefield. It was even referred to as a Mushroom of Immortality for its reviving effects on the human body! While of course consumers of reishi mushrooms can’t expect to live forever, the ability to access one’s inner spirituality is incredibly beneficial to overall well-being. Even though reishi is just starting to gain renown in America and the West, it’s quickly emerging as the core of many yogis and meditation practitioners’ daily rituals!


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