• How Mushrooms are Changing the World!
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    Daniel Bartlett
How Mushrooms are Changing the World!

How Mushrooms are Changing the World!

The news has been bursting at the seams recently with mushrooms! As a company with a strong belief in the power of mushrooms, we are so excited to see that the incredible world of fungus is making the headlines. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting ways that mushrooms are changing the world.

Scientists are using mushrooms to clean up a river that is heavily polluted. The Spokane River is faced with a disheartening amount of pollution but researchers such as Heidi Montez are thinking outside of the box to solve this problem. While she won’t know until next spring if her experiment is working, Ms. Montez is confident that the mushrooms will absorb the chemicals that are seeping into the Spokane River. Her research gives residents hope for a clean and healthy future for the Spokane River.


We’ve been burying our dead the same way for decades, which has led to a variety of issues as our nation faces the challenges of overpopulation. This burial suit is lined with netting that contains mushroom spores. After you die, the spores sprout into mushrooms that consume your remains and enrich the soil. This may seem radical but the CDC reports that our bodies release dozens of toxins as we decompose, harming the soil and waters around burial grounds. The "Infinity Burial Suit" is just another way mushrooms are transforming the way we do things for the better.




Mushrooms are transforming the way we look at food, textiles, building materials medicine, packing materials and even biofuel. With so much potential, scientists are looking towards fungi to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Take a look at National Geographic’s detailed overview of the wonderful world of mushrooms!




Mushrooms are finally receiving the attention they deserve. As reishi supplements such as Mehdi Reish’s Extract Product (https://www.mehdireishi.com/products/organic-reishi-mushroom-extract-10-1) are becoming more mainstream, we know the world of mushrooms will open up endless doors of positive possibilities for our health, our planet and our future!


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