About us


Growing and selecting the highest quality

When growing and providing our reishi products, Mehdi Reishi lets nature be the guiding force. Our products are grown authentically outdoors on natural wooden logs instead of artificial substrates, such as rice or sawdust.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

Improvement of the process

Tradition meets Modern Technology

By utilizing advanced technology to completely eliminate fillers and reduce impurities, as well finding ways to improve bioavailability and potency, we prioritize quality as the most important goal. 
Mehdi Reishi focuses exclusively on reishi products to ensure your always getting the best of this Ancient tradition for great health.

Daniel M. Bartlett

Founder, Mehdi Reishi

In exploring the industry around natural products and herbs, he found many of them to be lacking in quality and effectiveness. This was the birth of Mehdi Reishi, a 100 % natural and effective mushroom supplement product.


Discovering the purest of ancient nature