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Ancient wisdom for great health and longevity

For thousands of years, Ancient Chinese civilizations used this mushroom herb as a centerpoint of their lives, incorporating it whenever good-health was the goal. Historical records and books point to reishi as being of a higher order or class than other medicinal plants. Many ancient paintings indicate the mushroom was revered and used by nobility and Emperor beginning in the Han dynasty. The ancient Chinese treasured reishi for not only having amazing health promoting properties but also for having a spiritual component as well.

Today, through scientific inquiry, herbs and plants are becoming increasingly known and accepted to have medicinal properties. The knowledge of the power of mushrooms continues to increase with research and awareness. Through anecdotal and scientific investigation, we can begin to appreciate the power of nature to improve health.


Live your full potential with Reishi mushrooms

Extensive scientific research shows the great health benefit of taking quality reishi (ganoderma-lucidum) products with potent and active constituents, such as triterpenes and polysaccharides.

We encourage all users of any substance, to do an independent investigation regarding any claims or benefits. We have conveniently linked the benefits with an independent research database so you may read and understand the applications of reishi mushrooms for yourself.


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