Benefits and Research

Mehdi Reishi prides itself on growing and selecting the highest quality, USDA organic, red reishi mushrooms in the world.  All products are 100% pure, natural and organic! As a result, our mushrooms have a high potency.

Research and Benefits

Extensive scientific research shows the great benefit of taking high quality reishi supplements with potent and active constituents, such as triterpenes and polysaccharides.  The quantity of research studies is estimated to be in the hundreds or thousands of articles!  We encourage all users of any substance, to do a independent investigation regarding any claims or benefits. We have conveniently linked the benefits below with an independent research database so you may read and understand the nature of reishi (ganoderma) mushrooms for yourself.

Benefits include:

Our Best-Selling Products:

1.) Organic Reishi Mushroom Spores
Our spores are shell-broken for fast and optimal absorption. Minimum triterpenes measured-4%.  The taste is a neutral, earthy-flavored powder, wonderful for boosting any health drink!

2.) Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract
Our extract is 100% pure, with no fillers, additives or chemicals. Polysaccharides are the essential constituent.  Combined 10:1 hot water extract and full-spectrum reishi powder for a power punch!

3.) Ultimate Reishi Mushroom Formula
Our ultimate formula combines the benefits of both Extract and Spores and is our most effective reishi supplement available!


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