Reishi: Your number #1 go-to Superfood!

Reishi: Your number #1 go-to Superfood!

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Whether you have always been a natural health enthusiast or just recently got involved in the world of natural health products, you’ve probably heard of Reishi or Ganoderma. You may also have some questions about it! You know that Reishi is a mushroom, but why is it considered and revered as special? Why do people love taking Reishi mushrooms? More importantly, how does a person consume this natural superfood?

People in certain parts of the world have always known about the amazing power of these magnificent mushrooms. In fact, monks in ancient China even took them to help them meditate and to rejuvenate! Nowadays, people are starting to pay attention to ancient wisdom to improve their overall health, their meditation practices, and their energy levels. People love taking Reishi mushrooms because they are an all-natural way to supplement your body and improve vitality. They enable one to access inner peace, or improve your energy before taking a big hike without using harsh energy drinks filled with artificial chemicals, sweeteners, etc.  These can often be a detriment to the human body.

Mehdi Reishi agricultural methods mimics the way they grow in the wild, using natural wood logs as growing mediums. When using natural wood logs instead of an artificial substrate, the mushroom specimens are enhanced nutritionally! We also tend and cultivate our mushrooms by hand to ensure the highest potency and growing standards. Our products are all certified by the USDA National Organic Program. People love taking Reishi mushrooms for their positive benefits, but especially love taking Mehdi Reishi mushrooms for their superior purity and potency.

There are several different ways to take our organic products.

Our 100% pure Extract is perfect when added to your morning coffee or tea and can be taken regularly over a long duration of time. The extract product is used for general applications.

Our shell-broken Spores product has a smoother taste than the pure extract and has a high absorption rate. We crack our spores using exclusive patented technology that enables 99% sporoderm penetration while also maintaining the integrity of each spore. As such, the effects begin almost immediately and recommend for more specific applications.

Our Formula product is a combination of both the extract and the spores, and is the most versatile in terms of application. Depending on your needs and your reasons behind taking reishi, it can be consumed with almost any food or drink and is a truly effective way to transform your daily routine.