How can you improve your fitness, energy in the summer?

How can you improve your fitness, energy in the summer?

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Summer is in full swing, and nature lovers are soaking up the sun and the plentiful opportunities to explore Mother Earth. However, nothing ruins a hike, jog, or swim quite like fatigue or mental fog. Many outdoorsman battle low energy with caffeine or a quick sugar-fix, but this can cause more problems. Caffeine artificially stimulates the central nervous system and the adrenals, giving you a temporary “fight-or-flight” response. But it can also drain the adrenal glands, cause withdrawal headaches, and the shakes. After it wears off, the person often experiences a noticeable drop in energy, which is the last thing you want to deal with when you are halfway through a hike or bike ride!


Reishi mushrooms offer a natural and more pleasant way to prepare your body for a hike or trek. This organically grown health food will boost your performance as you tackle your highest mountain, without giving you withdrawal symptoms or side effects common of sugar and caffeine. Reishi mushrooms have long been known to optimize bodily functions, and recently have been studied to increase sports-based performance activities. You’ll be optimizing your body and increasing your energy while also improving your overall sense of well-being.


In ancient China, Buddhist monks tended to and consumed Reishi mushrooms in order to calm and expand their minds. It helped with their meditative practices. Being in nature is a perfect time to relax your mind, release your anxiety and commune with a greater consciousness. Reishi mushrooms are a unique pre-workout ritual because they provide a physical boost as well as mental peace. Ditch the cup of coffee and sugar and get ready for your next big climb, run, or swim with this all-natural energy alternative! Mehdi Reishi products are conveniently packaged in easy-to-take sachets, so you can mix it in with your protein shakes, hydration drinks or water with ease! And remember, connecting with nature means more than being outdoors, it also means incorporating the most natural, highest quality foods and herbs into your diet whenever possible! Mehdi Reishi provides a standard of natural purity and potency unmatched in the market! Enjoy!!