Yoga, Meditation and Reishi Mushrooms

Yoga, Meditation and Reishi Mushrooms

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Yoga, Meditation and Reishi Mushrooms

Whether you have recently taken up meditation or you are an expert yogi, it is possible that you may find yourself looking to find your path to spiritual enlightenment. Reishi mushrooms could be the answer you’ve been looking for to elevate and boost your mindfulness! While it might seem incredible that a type of fungus could open up your spiritual pathways, it’s actually been a key tool in meditation since before the Common Era.

The traditional Chinese name for reishi mushrooms, lingzhi, literally means “miraculous sacred fungus.” Early Chinese esoteric magicians consumed the mushroom and were known to be keepers of its habitats. It was a mainstay of the Qing dynasty, with emperors and warriors partaking in the fungus to improve their ability and understanding.

Once consumed, folklore says reishi brings a sense of relaxation and peace to one’s body and mind and makes it more possible to meditate and access one’s spirituality. By relaxing and opening the mind and body, reishi is creating a more open channel for qi, or the Chinese term for “life force” and one of three essential elements for a healthy spiritual life in traditional Chinese medicine. Another one of these elements is called shen, and it represents the balanced combination of qi and jing, the third life force. As long as two millennia ago, Taoist monks referred to reishi as a “shen tonic” for its ability to supplement and support the human spirit.

In addition to improving meditation and spiritual enlightenment, reishi is also known to boost physical performance. Emperors took this mushroom to increase their vitality, and warriors consumed it before battle to supplement their strength on the battlefield. It was even referred to as a Mushroom of Immortality for its reviving effects on the human body! While of course consumers of reishi mushrooms can’t expect to live forever, the ability to access one’s inner spirituality is incredibly beneficial to overall well-being. Even though reishi is just starting to gain renown in America and the West, it’s quickly emerging as the core of many yogis and meditation practitioners’ daily rituals!


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