What You Should Know About Organic Reishi Mushroom Spores

Posted by Daniel Mehdi Bartlett on

Will Organic Reishi ever become America’s most important and widely-known herb? It certainly has the potential! Reishi is a woody fungus or mushroom which has already been used extensively in Asia since ancient times. For thousands of years, organic reishi were used by the Ancient Chinese royalty and nobility being famously known as the mushroom that offers good health, longevity and immortality. The Chinese call reishi mushrooms Ling Zhi and discovered in ancient China or Korea, then was known collectively in the West and America as “reishi”.

The term ‘reishi’ does not refer to a single kind of mushroom, but is actually referring to a number of species of woody mushrooms. Such species that are referred to as reishi include Ganoderma sinensis, Ganoderma tsugae, Ganoderma sichuanese, Ganoderma lucidum mushroom and still a few others that are closely related to the woody mushroom species mentioned. The name ‘reishi’ and Ling Zhi actually means ‘supernatural fungus’ which carries a lot of weight when you consider the scientific backing of the herb.

Because reishi refers to a wide range of species, it means that each of them has various enhancements, not to mention that each product made from them will be sold at different prices as well. Additionally, reishi is thought of as the most revered herb in the history of Asian people when it comes to good health and longevity, as well as improving one’s state of mind. Arguably, it is one of the world’s most protective herbs.

Benefits of Organic Reishi Mushroom

Traditionally, organic reishi mushroom spores are valued as a tonic herb. It is said to be able to provide radiant health at all levels which is the reason for it being called as a valued tonic herb. The said benefits of reishi mushroom can improve, enhance, and stronger protective guard to the human system. As such, it was prized by both Buddhists and Taoists, even herbalists, royalties and nobilities.

More so, these protections are not just beliefs passed down from history. Several research and studies conducted in the last two-three decades, show that such improvements to the body are not without scientific proof. The reishi mushroom contains over hundreds of biologically active constituents which has been studied and identified to have positive effects on the mind and body.

Reishi reveals multitude of benefits and possible uses. They can be used as primary tonic or as an herbal dietary supplement which can be taken on regular basis. It is very safe, with minor or no side effects reported and is very efficient in promoting good health, longevity and a positive mentality.

These days, it is possible to buy the highest quality reishi mushrooms and take advantage of its benefits. Our organic reishi mushroom spores are grown on natural wood logs and then irrigated with spring water in order to ensure they are natural and safe.

More so, they are shell broken which makes for the highest possible bioavailability that results in a premium and effective product that is 100% pure and organic. This way, you can have maximum effectiveness of the reishi mushroom and get radiant health and longevity. With reishi, you can live a quality life – happy and healthy – for a long, long time.



You should consult your physician before taking Reishi Mushroom including the whole mushroom, spores or the extract if you are diabetics, pregnant and breast feeding mothers or those already on anti-coagulants or under pressure controlling drugs should exercise caution before taking to this therapy.

 These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.