Introduction to Reishi Mushroom

Posted by Mehdi Reishi on

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) or ling zhi (in Chinese) is highly revered and valued as one of Asia's top medicinal herbs and is commonly found growing on decaying tree logs and tree trunks. This mushroom is normally cultivated and found in East Asia and North America. It has been historically used as traditional Chinese medicine to improve health and well-being.

Much research has been conducted to examine its medicinal effects and efficacy. Moreover, there is on going research to study its effects in different variables of health.  While this research certainly looks promising, there are still plenty of questions about how exactly the mushroom works within the body.  Scientists have identified several hundred active compounds, two of which are called polysaccharides and triterpenes, which are known to promote balance and wellness within the body.