Improve Lung and Respiratory Health with Natural Herbs!

Improve Lung and Respiratory Health with Natural Herbs!

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If you are looking to improve your lung function and improve oxygenation in your body, we’ll look at some herbs and discuss their traditional uses:

 -Osha Root:


Exclusively found in the wild, Native Americans nicknamed the herb the “bear root” because they watched as the bears would wake from months of hibernation and dig for the root, start to chew on it and rub it on their body. They soon realized that this root is used to revitalize the body and can be used as an antibacterial.   The taste is quite pungent, very bitter and is related to the parsley vegetable family.

Recommendation: Break the root into small bits and pieces and make a tea. For more immediate impact and for mouth cleansing effects, chew on the root until dissolved.



Common to Asia, this plant is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve lung function. Congestion and excessive mucous, a common symptom of allergies, can restrict airflow into the lungs.   In the past, many supplement manufacturers in the US decided to extract the plant and market it as a weight loss remedy.   This can be dangerous and was never intended to be used as a weight loss substance by the Chinese. However, when used in its natural state, ephedra can be taken safely and effectively.

 Recommendation: TCM recommends taking a pinch or a few grams and boiling it as a tea.   Ephedra should only be used in its natural state and under the supervision of a knowledgeable or experienced herbalist or nutritionist.  

-Spicy Chilis:


Found all over the world, spicy chilis are often used a part of the diet to improve health. Known to increase metabolism and to make you sweat, excess mucous is excreted allowing the person to breathe better! The hotter the chili, the more you’ll sweat and ultimately feel better. Futhermore, it has been researched that the vitamin C content in one small thai chili is 6x greater than one orange. If you’re looking to increase your vitamin C in your diet, think about incorporating spicy chilis in your diet! 

Recommendation: Use dried chili powder or fresh, mashed chilis to incorporate in your salads, sandwiches, soups and sandwiches.

Fresh idea!

Add an habanero or some jalapenos in your guacamole!

-Reishi / Ganoderma


Known and revered as the king of herbs by the Chinese, reishi is well-established as a top adaptogen.   An adaptogen means that the herbs works in your body as your body needs. For example, if you are climbing a mountain and need more oxygen because of the high altitude, reishi works to open the airways and improves how your body assimilates oxygen in the body.  Research studies show that reishi given to athletes help them perform better under oxygen-deficient settings.

Recommendation: Take one gram of Mehdi Reishi Spores or Formula powder before starting your workout regime. Increase to two grams, if necessary.


Disclaimer: Mehdi Reishi is not providing medical advice. One should do their own research from reputable sources before making a determination as to the safety and efficacy of any herb.