• Reishi Mushroom Extract & Effects to Improve Sleep Quality!
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Reishi Mushroom Extract & Effects to Improve Sleep Quality!


Want to improve your sleep?

Reishi mushroom have wondrous and numerous benefit and application.  The amount of research conducted on this magical mushroom is impressive.  In addition to the testimonials that we receive from our customers, there are several studies to establish the efficacy of this mushroom to improve sleep quality.  

In clinical trials,  (Ganoderma lucidum) is shown to sooth nerves and to trigger sleep cycle.  Research conducted by Dr. Shojiro Inoue, at Tokyo Medical Dental University in Japan, revealed that when the extract of the mushroom was given to rats, it increased their sleep activity more than normal.  The research shows that it significantly increases sleep but only if administered slowly and used in small doses. Doses in large quantities have been shown to be not as effective to increase sleep cycle significantly (Ley, 2001).

Therapeutic uses of the mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) in difficulties in falling asleep are due to its sedative and tonic influences on the brain and brain cells. Therefore, in Chinese medicine field, it’s closely associated with soothing the nerves.  Other research shows that when it was use by the patients through oral ingestion for the period of four months, it reportedly affected their nervous system, calming it down and therefore regulating their sleep cycle by directly affecting their nervous system. However, unlike other sedatives it did not reveal any narcotic or hypnotic effects in the patients.  Furthermore, because there are no real or serious side-effects reported when ingesting small to high doses of this mushroom, it is generally regarded as safe.

Improve your sleep quality with the highest-quality Reishi mushroom today!  Our Spores receive good feedback from our customers indicating a high-degree of effectiveness.  Mehdi Reishi serves only the finest mushroom products and does not add any additives, fillers or chemicals before or during any part of the growing, processing or packaging stages.  We guarantee the purity and potency with all of our products and, of course, they're organic!


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